Wholesalers of quality illuminated products
Wholesalers of quality illuminated products
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Festoon Lighting

When it comes to creating an atmosphere, festoon lighting has it all.  It is the perfect choice to add glamour and ambience or just a great way to light up a dark space.

Our commercial grade festoon lighting has been designed by us in Australia for Australian conditions, with our product having a proven track record living up to our harsh environment. While festoon lighting is very popular for event installations and temporary lighting, our festoon is also built to be exposed to the weather for more permanent installations. 

Since our festoon lights are LED, they use one-tenth of the power of traditional festoon bulbs and are virtually maintenance free. So while still providing classic ambience, our LED festoon lights have eliminated the constant replacement of light bulbs, concerns about broken glass or the risk of using high voltage 240v power outdoors. This makes festoon lighting great for public spaces, making event workplace health & safety, and insurance compliance easier.

 Our LED festoon light kits runs off a 24V DC LED driver making them safe, cost effective, reliable, versatile and the perfect choice for venues, clubs, restaurants, cafes, city streets, festivals, weddings, parties, marquees, event lighting or any outdoor entertaining area.